Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit in Tin

SKU: ReClean



  • Record Cleaner, is the ultimate LP cleaner for vinyl records with everything you need to protect and enhance your treasured vinyl - all in one place
  • Vinyl Record Cleaner, set, comes complete with a carbon fibre anti-static brush that eliminates static charge whilst removing the fine dust particles that can build up and distort sound. Why let dust and fluff spoil the enjoyment of your vinyl
  • Record Cleaning Kit, lets you protect the needle with a stylus cleaning brush. Perfect for gently reaching the tip of the stylus and removing fluff and dust particles that accumulate, without damaging the delicate stylus
  • Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit, also comes with a deep cleaner solution fluid and micro-fibre cloth for gentle but thorough cleaning the surface of your vinyl records
  • LP Cleaner, with wet and dry cleaning tissues that are free from harmful chemicals but also remove static build-up from your albums and turntable player

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