SLIK 300DX Tripod

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The Slik Pro 300DX Tripod with 3-way Pan Head is a compact sized eye-level tripod that has an unexpected durability.

Made from a aluminum-magnesium-titanium alloy, your DX300 is lightweight to carry and offers a fantastic support for your camera or binoculars.

The 3 multi-position legs of Slik Pro 300DX have a grooved tubular design that is very durable and prevent the tripod from slipping or spinning around.

It’s easy to securely mount your camera, small spotting scope or binoculars on this tripod thanks to a quick release and locking lever feature. In addition, you can easily change the direction that your equipment is pointing in thanks to a smooth pan head.

The height and direction of your equipment can be adjusted in one easy motion thanks to a gearless, detachable and invertible centre column. Just loosen the locking collar, and move the column into the location you need it. You also have a choice of three different leg angles for quick set up on inclined, or uneven ground.

If you're looking for an awesome tripod which has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio of over 40% which is far superior of other tripods in its class, then look no further than a Slik Pro. 

Slik Pro 300DX Tripod with 3-way Pan Head


  • Folded length – 655mm
  • Maximum operating height – 1550mm
  • Minimum operating height – 350mm
  • Maximum center column ext. – 280mm
  • Weight – 2600g
  • Head portion weight – 650g
  • Leg portion weight – 1950g
  • Leg lock type – T.L.
  • Leg tip – Rubber
  • How to mount camera – Q.R.S.
  • Number of leg sections – 3
  • Diameter of the first upper leg – 27mm
  • Type of centre column elevation – Centre column type
  • Panhead – 3-way


Included Slik Able 300DX Pan Head:

  • Camera mounting screw – U 1/4 inch
  • Tripod mounting screw – U 1/4 inch
  • Height – 100mm
  • Weight – 650g
  • Load capacity – 6kgs



  • Compact body
  • Folds to just 655mm in length
  • Extends to a maximum height of over 1 metre
  • Supports camera, small spotting scopes and binoculars
  • Multi-position leg
  • 3-way Slik Able 300DX heavy duty panhead
  • Quick release
  • Rubber leg tip
  • Eye-level tripod
  • Made from tri-titanium material
  • Remarkable strength-to-weight ratio
  • Invertible center column

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