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ShiftCam SnapPod is a quick release handle and tripod mount. Hold it as a selfie stick or use it as a tripod. Get in frame instantly, simply snap it on and shoot.


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Angled to your Will

The ShiftCam SnapPod can be reoriented depending on your shooting neeeds. Tilt it down to feature activities on a tabletop or tilt it up to put emphasis on your subject with a low angle shot. Swap shooting modes with a quick-switch between selfie-stick & tripod.

Works with all Phones

SnapPod mounts on all tripods with a snap, thanks to its 1/4" screw mount. It is compatible with all smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, and OnePlus. A magnetic sticker is included for non-MagSafe phones.


What's In The Box?
  • 1x SnapPod
  • 1x Magnetic Sticker

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