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ShiftCam SnapGrip is a portable, lightweight compact grip, dock and charger that allows users to shoot on a mobile phone quickly, securely and comfortably.


Designed for Creators’ Convenience

 Product Hero


Oriented to your Desire

The ShiftCam SnapGrip can be reoriented depending on your shooting neeeds. Its 180-degree rotatable design means it can be used for portrait shooting, ideally for reels and Tiktok clips, or for landscape photography when you want to capture a wider subject from a distance.


Throne your Phone

SnapGrip is angled perfectly to rest on any flat surface. Watch tutorials, play games, enjoy movies, or attend to video calls with no interruptions.


More Shooting Time

Doubling as a powerbank, SnapGrip gives your phone the extra juice it needs for extended use. It is Magsafe compatible and includes a magnetic sticker for non-Magsafe phones.

What's In The Box?
  • 1x SnapGrip
  • 1x Magnetic Sticker

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