ShiftCam 60mm Telephoto ProLens




ShiftCam 60mm Telephoto ProLens - Sharpest tele lens for mobile - ShiftCam  Global Official

Zoom ahead with Telephoto ProLens, bring it in with distortion free 2x magnification

Bring the world closer with this amazing 65mm Telephoto Lens. Using robust construction and high-quality optics that maintain sharpness even in the corners, it delivers the superb, distortion-free image quality you expect in a practical, easy to use form.


Flatter your look with compressed perspective

Instantly achieve a flattering compressed perspective like the “Portrait mode”. Perfect for all of you portrait, beauty, and fashion photography/videography.


Add beautiful shallow depth of field for your dish

Your go-to lens for getting nice, sharp, undistorted food and beverage images. Perfect for getting nice top-down shots, side shots, or even action shots of the chef preparing food, etc.


Zoom in from afar as you explore new places

For travel and street photographers who want to remain inconspicuous as they explore new places and shooting vast landscapes focusing on specific elements of the environment.


Zoom in to structures with undistorted clean lines

Create more abstract visuals that may have been lost in a wider composition and highlight the architectural lines with nice, clean undistorted lines.



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