ShiftCam 10x25mm Traditional Macro ProLens

SKU: 1002082



  • 10x Magnification
  • Distortion Free
  • Sharpness in Details


Get right up close with 10x Traditional Macro

Grab images of incredible detail with this high-quality, professional level macro lens. Featuring an amazing 10X magnification, this lens captures everything. With close-to-zero distortion and exceptional corner sharpness, this stunning lens delivers exceptional image quality and superb performance in all conditions.

Recommended for:

Magnify the artwork details, where the value lies

Photographs of art work rarely show the true textures of a painting on a canvas, with this lens, the splendor of textures that the eye misses will be revealed in great detail.


Capture your surroundings with sharpness in details

Capture the stunning textures and details with exceptional sharpness that gives you a great background for your videography transition, or overlay text


Nature walks and discover the microscopic world

You can go on walks with your kids and have them take close up shots of plants, flowers, and insects and then go home and find out all about them in books or online, the best lesson about nature!



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