Party Headz




Party Headz is a mad hat-swapping game for all the family.

The game box contains; 1 x bowler hat with flower screw, 1 x water bottle filler, 10 x water balloons, 1 x top hat with a ping pong ball on a string, 1 x ping pong ball, 2 x Deeley Boppers with Velcro hands, 4 x cone hats, 3 rings, 1 spinner and rules.

Spin the spinner, battle other players in challenges and have everyone in fits of laughter! Try your hand, or should we say HEAD, at crazy challenges.

These tasks might be getting the ball-on-a-string into the cup on your head or to take turns turning a dial on the water-filled hat until the unlucky wearer is drenched (can play without water)!

A game that pairs skill with a bit of luck, it’s a different outcome every time.

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