Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight Flash

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Ignite your creative vision with the all new Speedlight SB-5000. Engineered to meet the rigorous lighting requirements of photojournalists and studio photographers, the SB-5000 features cutting-edge capabilities such as the world’s first cooling system. The Speedlight is capable of firing off up to 120 flashes in a single burst, delivering powerful luminosity and ultimate control. It works seamlessly with the Nikon Creative Lighting System (CLS), offering the radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting (AWL) that make multiple flash setup a breeze. With its compact size and all-new intuitive control panel, the SB-5000 is indispensable for those who desire perfection in their craft.

Key Features

Improved operability and shooting flexibility
Radio-Controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting: This system permits effective wireless multiple flash photography even in adverse shooting conditions such as under bright sunlight or when obstacles block optical control, for improved lighting flexibility (with D5 and D500). Unified Flash Control: This function enables setting changes and flash operation using camera menus or a personal computer with Camera Control Pro 2 (with D5 and D500).

Cooling system remarkably increases consecutive firings
The cooling system incorporated in the SB-5000 suppresses heat generation within the flash head and prevents overheating of the flash panel caused by consecutive firings. As a result, the number of consecutive shooting is greatly increased.

Compact lightweight design
A lighter and more compact design is achieved while providing functions and performance superior to those of the current model.

Operability has been remarkably improved.
Frequently used functions can be accessed quickly with a press of the rotary multi selector or newly adopted [i] button.

Superior basic performance
The SB-5000 provides a guide number of 34.5/113 at 35 mm or 55/180 at 200 mm (m/ft, ISO 100, 23°C, FX format, standard illumination pattern), number of flashes of 150 or more (alkaline), and minimum recycling time of approx. 2.6 s (alkaline) or 1.8 s (rechargeable Ni-MH).



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