Leader Companion 402B Minecraft Edition 14.1" Gaming Laptop




Product Details 

Create, learn and play on the new Leader Companion 402 - Minecraft Edition Laptop. Created for playing Minecraft, you will get the ultimate Minecraft experience explore Minecraft's caves, caverns and abandoned mines. Keep in touch in with your friends in this Minecraft universe while you build and mold your own world. Don't settle for long loading times, With the Leader 402 Minecraft device you get the benefits of a modern Microsoft device with fast turn on time and long battery life. Including a Microsoft 365 personal 1 year subscription which comes with 1TB of cloud storage you will have all the space you need to save those extra files.

Product Features:

  • Minecraft game included with the device
  • Microsoft 365 personal for one year subscription included making it perfect for learning
  • Get two sets of awesome Minecraft stickers to make your device cool your own way
  • Green WASD keys making it perfect for gaming
  • Intel® quad-core J4105 processor for smooth performance 



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