Laser Bluetooth DVD Projector (White)




The LASER 2-in-1 Multimedia Projector is Compact in size and ideal for movie time, gaming or watching a slide show

The high efficiency LED lamp can throw an image of up to 100 inches

Think impromptu movie night anywhere there's a wall (or even a white sheet!). Play content from DVD / VCD / CD disc movies directly from the built in DVD player or connect via VGA, HDMI, USB, Micro SD Card or Bluetooth.

  • Built-in DVD player
  • HDMI & VGA Port for external sources
  • Bluetooth for wireless speaker
  • Long-life hLED Bulbs
  • Dual Speakers


Built in DVD player
A built in DVD player plays movies, music and digital files such as MP3, MP4, VCD and JPG. One remote control manages the DVD and projector functions


A variety of inputs
VGA / 2 x HDMI / USB / Micro SD / 3.5mm RCA / AV In - allows you to connect a multitude of devices (like computers, gaming consoles, Blu Ray players, set top boxes, tablets, smartphones or even your action camera)


Effective Resolution
For computer video output the projector has a native resolution of 800 x 480 (ideal for phone images and PowerPoint presentations). It can accept higher resolutions (such as 1024x768) but will downscale to 800x480
Video resolutions up to 1080 (Full HD) can be accommodated via HDMI. Note that DVD movies have a resolution of 480 unless upscaled.


Colour bandwidth
16.7k different colours can be displayed to offer lifelike imagery and vibrant photos.


Dual Speakers
With two 2 Watt full range speakers built in, you can hear all the dialogue and action in the one unit. Of course for a big cinema sound experience simply connect to a larger speaker or sound system.

Auto Keystone
The Keystone effect is where an image is distorted due to the angle of the projector and the projected surface (usually a screen or the wall). Auto keystone correction fixes this with one button press.


LED lamp
LED offers a highly efficient light source without the heat and degradation of typical LCD or DLP projectors. Up to 20,000 hours of effective life gives years of use.
45 ANSI lumens of brightness is ideal at night time for movie night or gaming sessions. The projector can projector an image on any surface, however the whiter the background (like a screen or white wall) - the brighter and clearer the image.


Big Screen Projection
An effective screen size of 30" to 100" is possible however a 40' to 50" with a 1 to 5 metre throw (distance from projector to screen) works best.


Power from the wall or your car
The included AC Adaptor is multi country compatible (100v - 240v) and outputs a low wattage 12v (4amp) supply of power to run the projector.
Alternately connect a 12vDC power source (like from your car / caravan / generator's cigarette socket) (not included).



Multi Media Center
Video Output via 3.5mm RCA Jack (Component): Y
Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy): Y
USB Ports (Side): Y
Micro-SD Card Slot (Rear): Y
Ethernet LAN (RJ45): N

Package Includes: Laser 2-in-1 Multimedia Projector, AC Adaptor, User Manual, Remote Control

Software / Apps
Music (audio) player: Y
Photo (image) viewer: Y
Video Output (HDMI): Y

Full Function Remote Control: Y

USB device input (Flash drive or HDD): USB, MicroSD Card, DVD/CD
Video Output Resolution: Native resolution: 800 x 480, Supports 1080P as well as 1080i,720p,576i,480p and 480i via HDMI input. Contrast ratio: 3000: 1 Standard picture format: 16: 9 Compatible picture format: 16: 9, 4: 3 Image Correction: Manual, Vertical +/- 15 degrees, 0 degrees horizontal

240 v AC Adaptor: Y

Weight: 0.9kg

Product Dimensions: 203 x 160 x 94
3 Key Feature Benefits: Supports DVD / VCD / CD disc - Multi-media Inputs - Built-in Bluetooth 4.0

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