Igloo Mania




Eddie the Eskimo has put the final block on top of his igloo, but the penguins want to pullthe whole thing down! Be a penguin and try to pull out the blocks without Eddie noticing to win Igloo Mania! Includes 64 ice blocks, 4 penguin ice picks, 1 Eskimo, support dome, base ring, sticker sheet and instructions. Playing time 15 minutes. 

Ages: 5 + | Players: 2 - 4


  • The aim is to have the fewest blocks at the end of the game without making Parka Pete fall. Each player in turn must take a block.
  • Players do not have to take the first block they touch, but they must take a block per turn. If it drops off their ice pick, they must take another.
  • The play who causes the igloo to fall must take all unclaimed blocks. Players count their block and the player with the fewest wins.

In the Box:

  • 64 x Ice blocks 
  • 4 x Penguin ice picks 
  • 1 x Eskimo
  • 1 x Support dome base ring 
  • Sticker sheet 
  • Instructions

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