Haldex Pulse Uni-Pow Universal USB Battery Charger with LCD




The Haldex Pulse Uni-Pow Universal USB Battery Charger can recharge your batteries almost anywhere. This compact universal USB battery charger comes with a USB to MicroUSB cable so it can be powered by PowerBank, Wall Adapter, 12V Cigarette Lighter in Car or Boat or Computer. It features a super convenient LCD Screen with charge indicators at 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% and 100% so you know how much charge is in your battery. It supports most Li-Ion, NiCD, NiMH camera batteries, and AA / AAA Cells.


  • Charges via MicroUSB Input
  • Input Voltage 5V 1A
  • Charging Capability:
    • Li-Ion Rechargeable:
      • 3.6V-4.3V (DC 4.2V; 900mA)
      • 7.2V-8.6V (DC 8.4V; 600mA)
    • NiMH / NiCD Rechargeable:
      • 1-2x AA 1.4V; 1-2x AAA 1.4V (DC 1.4V; 650mA)

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