Gizomos Flexible Selfie Stick Tripod

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It's easy to realise your full vlogging potential with accessories like this, the Gizomos 13-ST Flexi VLog tripod. This tripod can find steady and sure footing anywhere, thanks to hte flexible and textured rubber legs. These legs can wrap around poles and similar objects, or they can be pulled straight to act as a standard desktop tripod. Although compact and lightweight, this tripod can be used for a wide range of devices, such as a smartphone thanks to the built-in adapter, or dedicated cameras including Mirrorless and DSLRs. The true excellence of tis product for content creation is in the thread interface, allowing you to pair and position a range of additional accessories, such as microphones and LED lights.

  • Flexible, rubber textured legs
  • Built-in Smartphone Adapter
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Versatile Ball Head - Swivel, tilt & change orientations swiftly
  • Easily attach accessories for Vlogging

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