GoPro Chesty




The padded, flexible Chesty makes it easy to capture immersive hands-free shots from your chest. Made from breathable, lightweight materials, it can easily be adjusted to comfortably fit a wide range of body types. It’s perfect for biking, hiking, skiing or any adventure where you want amazing POV footage.


• Lightweight, flexible construction balances comfort and performance
• Padded and breathable materials stay comfortable during any activity
• Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and fit over heavy winter jackets
• Specially designed quick-release buckle lets you get in and out easily – even with gloves on
• Stable platform for capturing incredibly immersive hands-free footage with GoPro cameras and Karma Grip


Whats Included

• Performance Chest Mount
• Vertical Mounting Buckle
• Thumb Screw



All GoPro Cameras

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