Axis Zoom+2 HD Dash Cam




Display: 3” LCD
Chipset: JL5401
Image Sensor: GC2053 (Rear Camera H62)
Image Sensor Resolution: 2 Mega Pixels
Resolutions: Front: 1920 x 1080p @ 30fps, 1280 x 720p @30fps
                      Rear: 1280 x 720p @30fps
Lens: 4G Element Glass
Lens Viewing Angle: 140° Diagonal
Memory Support: Up to 1 x 32GB Micro SD Card (Included)
WiFi: No
GPS Function: Yes
Mapping Data: Route, Speed
Night Vision: Low Lux, WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)
G-Sensor: Yes
Parking Monitoring: Yes
Seamless Loop Recording: Yes
Reverse Camera Trigger: Yes
Photo Function: Yes, 12MP
Codec: H.264
File Type: .MP4
Power Supply: 12/24V Cig Power Lead
Built-In Battery: 200mAh
Settings Memory: Built-In Battery
Dimensions: Front: 86W x 53H x 35Dmm (Not Incl. Mount)
                      Rear: 52W x 28H x 34Dmm (Not Incl. Mount) 5.8m Lead
Mounting: 2 Sided Adhesive, Front & Rear Camera


– Suction Bracket
– 12/24V Car Charger
– 32GB MLC Micro SD Card (Included)
– 2 Year Warranty (Battery – 12 Months)

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